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We love, love, love the fact about something we can relate to. Here we have piled up some strangest & weirdest food facts of the planet you’ll be pretty surprised by what you’re eating…You might think these facts are false but believe us these are true facts!! Ripe cranberries will bounce like rubber balls. Cranberries […]


Surprising Calcium Sources for Shoppers Avoiding Dairy

Calcium is a very necessary mineral, but when most of us hear calcium we automatically think milk – well think again because there are a plethora of calcium rich foods that are actually dairy free! Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body; it helps to maintain strong, healthy bones and teeth, supports […]

The big picture behind food safety

Food Safety – A panel discussion at the Global Food Safety Conference that took place Feb. 28 and featured the chief executive officers of some of the largest food and beverage companies quickly shifted away from the topic at hand to consumer trust and what’s at stake if the wave of nationalism and protectionism sweeping […]

Our Social Responsibility

Thanks to CNN for highlighting our story. We at Souq International Market take pride in our role supporting our families and local community as part of our companies social responsibility beliefs in-line with our motto #WeServeYouBetter. To see complete video of CNN interview with Souq International Market click on the link.

Revamped Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions will be top of mind for shoppers as they browse the store—leading them right to the produce department. Old habits die hard, but a new year provides a fresh start for people resolved to break the pattern of the habits they would like to change or improve upon. Nearly half of consumers […]

food safety

BENTONVILLE, ARK. — Recently, everything from Listeria to E. coli to Campylobacter has given American consumers good reason to worry about the safety of their food. The industry has responded and is making every effort to improve the safety of food by utilizing science-based testing and sampling practices, detection technologies, food safety training and education, […]

From the Store to the Stove

From the Store to the Stove, Acosta Research Shows Grocery Shopper Behavior Influenced by Engagement with Food Today’s shoppers are seeking positive culinary experiences, making deliberate decisions from the store to the stove, including wanting to feel good about the foods they eat, have pride in the brands they buy and share their cooking journeys […]