Often, our busy schedule doesn’t allow us to strive for healthy habits. So, we look for quick solutions. Adopting new healthy habits might prevent health problems such as obesity and diabetes. We want to help you achieve your resolutions by creating a list of 7 Healthy Habits to Reset Your Life.

Walking is the best therapy. You can connect with nature, family, and friends. 3-5 miles walking a day is essential to good health. So make sure to include a short walk as part of your daily routine as often as possible. 

We all know that fresh air is helpful for your well-being. There are so many health benefits such as plenty of opportunities to take short walks, sun for vitamin D, plants, and trees to relax your eyes and improve your mood. So find an excuse and go outside to get fresh air every time you get a chance.

Do you skip breakfast? Do you use those extra minutes to put the makeup on and avoid the most important meal of the day? I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true. A healthy breakfast fuels the body, balances the sugar levels and increases metabolism. Your brain requires water, glucose, fat, and vitamins to function optimally. Starbucks coffee isn’t going to cut it. Check out some of the great new breakfast options available at your local SOUQ Market. 

The plant food diet is a healthy diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils. Include these foods on your daily routine and combine it with moderate amounts of meat, seafood, or dairy.

Sharing the meal with your friends and loved ones would be a great habit to get everyone involved. That’s when we lead our childrens by example. Work toward spending more time with your loved ones this year, and enjoy the food and the company. 

Green Tea, Herbal Teas, Smoothies, and Milks, are the best drinks to hydrate yourself. Apart from hydrating, these drinks provide vitamins, electrolytes, sodium, probiotics, and minerals.

Turn off the phone, hit the pause button and just “be”. Give yourself the chance to disconnect from the virtual world and live in the present. Repeat the same thing every day for a couple of minutes to feel happier. 

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