Fruits & Vegetables

Vegetables and Fruits are key essential ingredients in cooking a delicious meal. Some people live alone, and some others might prepare several times more food over the day, but hundreds of people might prefer to eat outside due to the quick expiration of fruits and vegetables. Once you are certain that this is impacting your consumption habits, check out these tips on how to extend the shelf life of your fruits & vegetables.

5 Ways to Keep Your Vegetables and Fruits Fresher Longer

Fruits & Vegetables

1. Eating Seasonally 

Health Experts recommend eating seasonally, which means to cook dishes that include foods that are grown at the same time you consume them. For example, pumpkins in summer and spinach in winter. In this way, you will get the benefits of the extra shelf life, rather than getting some food that has been sitting on the grocery shelves for some time. 

2. Store Fruits & Vegetables as soon as you get home

Don’t forget your fresh produce in the car while you run around after your kids. (This one might be tough, I know)

3. Dry before storing the Fresh Produce

If the vegetables are wet from the grocery spraying, make sure to dry them before storing it. You can use a towel to absorb any remaining moisture because putting them wet in the fridge adds excess moisture, which speeds up the decay.

4. Make Root Vegetables Last Longer by Removing the Tops

Vegetables, like carrots or radishes, last longer if you remove their leafy tops as soon as you get home. The greens can pull moisture out of the root. So, you can prevent it and make the roots last even longer.

5. Make sure to store your fruits and vegetables the right way to keep them fresh

Some vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic, do not like the cold, so do not place them close to the oven, or on top of the refrigerator. Instead, store them on your counter to avoid the direct sun. 

And finally, if you’ve been skipping homemade food not because you’d prefer to eat some burgers, but because you hate to go home and see your money getting wasted in the form of vegetable leaves, follow our tips and everything will be fine.

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