After picking hot ticket items for your pantry including a jar of honey, the first taste of your honey is delicious. Wow, this tastes good!!

But, you can’t gulp the full jar at once… or you should not! Even though it is a special treat — remember it is still a sugar source cause of obesity and many chronic diseases.

Chances are you will end up having the jar left lonely for some days. Meanwhile, your honey starts to solidify and crystallize.


How does crystallization occur?

This natural phenomenon occurs when glucose, spontaneously precipitates water and takes the form of a crystal which later forms lattice and immobilizes other components of honey in a suspension, creating the semi-solid state.

Honey crystallization is simply a progression and can take place anywhere from three to six months after you first open the container.

You may not have natural honey if it doesn’t happen!!

Thinking of trying refrigerating?

Sadly, the crystallization process accelerates when the temperature of honey dips below 50°F.



You’re in luck! Try preserving the color and flavor of your honey by storing it at room temperature or in a warmer dark cabinet (the warmer the better).

Keep honey in a glass jar or container with a tight seal and store these on your shelf or cabinet like your Nanny’s super “green” pickle!


How can you recrystallize honey?

Microwaving honey might cause overheating and ain’t the best way to recrystallize. Try dipping your honey jar in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes before gulping and allow the bouquet and flavors to cascade over you. Go slow and low!!


Can you eat crystallized honey?

Of course! Honey even crystallizes when it’s still in the comb.

Spread the crystallized honey gently over the toast or drop a full spoon over your tea, or on yogurt and oatmeal.

Make the honey champion of your kitchen, serving three meals with a honey glaze over stir-fried chicken, vegetables, barbecue, and cakes.

Try having a spoon of honey with a pinch of salt added to relax your mind and better mood.

Would you like to try some tough combinations of honey that enhance your health and beauty?

Why not give it a try!



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